Our mission is to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ. To be a hand to the hurting by leading them to the Healer. To point the way to healing, hope, grace, and mercy by the blood that was shed on the cross by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins. To show them the way to mercy, and redemption, and to the One who it comes from.

Our vision is to see individual lives changed, broken homes and families healed, freedom from addictions, and for folks to realize that we can walk in power and victory right here, right now, and we don’t have to wait till we get to “the sweet by and by”. To change our homes, which will change our families, which will change our neighborhoods, which will change our communities, then our region, and then the world. God doesn’t do things half way and He is well able to finish what He has started! Philippians 1:6.

There is a great day coming when we will all walk and talk with Jesus, Paul, Peter, John, loved ones gone on before, but we aren’t there yet. We are here for now. How will you live here? Will you live in victory, or will you live in defeat? Do you want to be sick, or do you want to be well? Do you want to be free, or do you want to live in bondage? When the leper said, “Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.” What did Jesus say? “I will, be thou clean.” Matthew 8:3. He doesn’t want us to live defeated, but wants us to be whole and live victoriously!

By his blood, through His grace, and the leading of the Holy Ghost, we can live the life that Jesus intended for us to live! We can live the life that, through His sufferings and shed blood…death, burial, and resurrection… He intended for us to have!

Blessed by the Best!

Ya’ll come! 


By His grace and mercy, and through His shed blood on the cross, there is forgiveness for your sins, no matter what you have done, or where you have been. You have not sunk so low, or ran too far, for our Lord and Savior to change your life forever for His glory!